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your holiday,is safe!

by choosing besafe rate, you can book with peace of mind, thanks to the insurance coverage now included in the cost of your stay. you and your loved ones will be covered for unexpected events.


Choose BeSafe Rate, the insurance is included at no extra cost to you!
When you choose BeSafe Rate, you do not need to worry about last-minute hitches. Choosing this rate means your holiday booking is automatically covered for a series of unexpected events, as are you, and your loved ones.
By choosing BeSafe Rate, you can benefit from assistance that will help should a problem arise.

What is included in besafe rate?

BeSafe Rate includes travel insurance in the booking. Coverage for cancellations due to unforeseen events, theft, roadside assistance, healthcare and more. All are included in the cost of your stay, at no extra charge to you:


up to 100% of your stay in the event of cancellations due to unforeseen events


of a refund in case of theft or non-delivery of baggage Assistance for the refund due in case of cancellation


for the refund due in case of cancellation or delay beyond 3 hours by the airlines


of money up to €250 within 24 hours in case of theft of documents


free for compensation for damages during the stay


of the days of stay not used in the event of early departure, illness or injury during the stay


on-site roadside assistance


of medical and medicinal expenses in case of accident or illness during the stay